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Tuesday, 10 October, 2017
Sofosbuvir ledipasvir improving chances of curing hepatitis C (China) As we know, hepatitis C is an infectious liver disease caused by the hepatitis c virus which is an
RNA virus. Early diagnosis of HCV infection is rare, and the disease may go unnoticed until patients
have already developed serious liver damage which furth...
Monday, 09 October, 2017
Targeted therapy has an increased success rate with sorafenib (China) Cancer can now be beaten sooner with the discovery of sorafenib. Sorafenib is a successful cancer
treatment. It is also a treatment for kidney cancer that has spread, a type of liver cancer called
hepatocellular carcinoma and some types of thyroid cancer ...
Thursday, 07 September, 2017
Sofosbuvir- one of the world's best selling medicine bought near you with Shabbir Medical Hall (Beijing) Recent surveys have shown that Sofosbuvir is the world's 10th-best-selling pharmaceutical product
($5,276 million/year). [Shabbir Medical Hall][1] contributes proudly and reliably to this factor by
successfully importing [Sofosbuvir][2] 400 mg tablets fro...
Nurse your liver back to health with Daclatasvir (China) Daclatasvir is sold in two doses in the market- 30mg and 60 mg, and prescribed according to the
patient’s condition. It is a prescription drug which is normally indicated to use along with other
antiviral to treat hepatitis c genotype 1 and 3 infections...
Wednesday, 30 August, 2017
Cancer will cease to exist with sorafenib (China) Development in science has shown [Sorafenib][1], is a kinase inhibitor drug approved for the
treatment of primary kidney cancer, advanced primary liver cancer, and radioactive iodine resistant
advanced thyroid carcinoma and is proven to be highly successf...
Tuesday, 29 August, 2017
Layrngeal Mask silicone ( YILES is a one of the most and the largest manufacturer of every medical device in China, from where
you can buy medical equipment items in bulk order in affordable price. We are selling the most
healthcare equipments which are durable. Now, you can save ...
Wednesday, 09 August, 2017
Import Sorafenib 200mg Tablets from India to china (China) Treat hepatocellular carcinoma with sorafenib [Sorafenib][1] is an oral drug used to treat
hepatocellular carcinoma as well as advanced renal cell carcinoma. Over the years of research,
sorafenib has shown a significant increase in the survival of pati...
Saturday, 29 July, 2017
This Is How You Can Obtain The Necessary Nutrients From Plants (Ji Shan Industry Building B, Xue Shi Road, Han Pu ) Plants are a good source of nutrients required to meet body needs. Often, humans cannot consume the
plants directly. This is when health supplements come handy. You can rely on 100 percent pure
plant extracts manufactured by reliable companies. Such ma...